3.11.16 – Monty Python and The Holy Grail, Social Introvert, passionate romantic

27.10.16 – Üstün zeka; güvenilir; Gorgeous Sunshine!; Leadership

24.10.16 – LadyDevil; Venus; Mind Control; Clairvoyant; Queen; Verbal–Linguistic; The Siren

23.10.16 – Neşeli, enerji dolu, dinamizm, merak, sadık sevgili, eidetic memory, carefree, luxury treehouse, sparkly princess dress; İştar

21.10.16 – Mercedes; Zeki; Analitik; Oxford; Papatya

17.10.16 – Feet; Torrential Rain; Water; Kadın; Milano; estetik; Michel Foucault

12.10.16 – Berlin

08.10.16 – Passionate; Realist; The Dreamer Princess; 60% psychopath!

05.10.16 – Anne; Perceptive Introvert; Generous + Big-Hearted/Rebellious + Introverted; Bedroom; You enjoy every minute of life!; delicate; angular; smart; mysterious; Fantastic: Imagination; Harmony; Tranquility; Non Conformity; Incandescent;  Magical; Hardworking; Freedom; Illustrious; Metamorphosis; Warrior

27.09.16 – Adorable; Alcopop; One of a kind; Sincere; Promotin; Old Crush Confession; World News; 111; Bond of Respect; New Era;

25.09.16 – Stefan; Dodurga; Simarik Emoji; Parali Keci

23.09.16 – The Maker; Pure Happiness; The Scar; Havana, The Star; The Lovers

20.09.16 – Sensitive & Introverted; Definitely not a square; The Great Gatsby; Straight; Generous; The Achiever

19.09.16 – Pluviophile

17.09.16 – Shades of Blue; Argentina; Conscientiousness; Barcelona; Extrovert; Legacy; The Firecracker; King; Purple

16.09.16 – Aquamarine

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